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luni, 11 octombrie 2010

Kratos(Project Novice)

Kratos: meaning Power or Strength is Sony Entertainment's creation., he is the main character in the God Of War series.This character is outstanding.. his power,his thirst for blood and vengeance makes him a true Spartan. Judging by his story in the first 3 God Of War episodes from the entire franchise, he is rather aggressive  but kills for a noble cause and tries to deliberate himself from the the mighty gods. As we all know Kratos is Zeus' son and a slave of the gods with a surname of ''Ghost Of Sparta''. The first 3 episodes of the franchise are based on the vengeance upon the Olympians and trying to escape from his torture as a ''Prisoner Of The Gods'', as he likes to think of himself, this franchise from the whole collection is tragically ending with Kratos' death.
At the beginning of Kratos' creation, David Jeffe created a character which had a very brutal look but was not enough as that character had a typical Greek Hero look with a typical armor typical helmet etc...  So what David   tried out was to remove all of that and create an odd looking Greek Demigod.
In this picture you can see some of David's projects of Kratos.

A small video of Kratos' Death :(

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