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sâmbătă, 4 decembrie 2010

Call Of Duty:Black Ops review

Game Info:Call Of Duty: Black Ops is the 7th game of the CoD series, it is based on the Cold War and it is said to be a sequel of the Call Of Duty: World At War. It is a huge success speaking in terms of business and sells, it sold over 7 million copies in the first 24h from its release.. it beat the worldwide record of its predecessor  
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who sold with about 2.4 -2.5 million copies. The campaign is about special forces foot-soldiers that you may play as, various ones that is, they have unique characteristics and voices...
The campaign mode has various special effects and cinematic upgrades which are better or worst depending from what side you see it and of course from every people's opinion.
Although it is not graphically improved it is changed from MW2 you can feel the changes and the gameplay and storyline is significantly improved.. let's say. The multiplayer is still the best part of the game, you will feel drastic changes now that the CoD points are inserted.
The CoD points are a system of currency with which you can buy parts,face paints,perks,weapons,equipment etc... In this game you may customize your character your weapon and you can definitely feel that a class is yours and you feel unique using your weapon and class :) There are new killstreaks, such as the Chopper that you may control yourself or the attack dogs. A ''new'' mode has been inserted in the game which we have seen in CoD 5.. The Zombie mode which is now available online and 2 players split-screen.. Oh and also you may play multiplayer split-screen on the PlayStation Network.

Genre: First Person Shooter

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Treyarch

Release Dates: 

  • WW November 9, 2010
  • JP November 18, 2010

Video Gameplay:

Platforms: PC, PS3,X360, NDS, Wii

Prices: Europe 70$-110$    America: 50$-60$       My Country of residence:100$

Metronic-Gamers Opinion: I really think the game is great I've played it and I hope I will have it soon. Honestly, the animations are fantastic the campaign the zombies and especially the multiplayer. I love it, it's my
it's my favourite game. I sincerely think it is better than MW2 and the only thing I displease are a few bugs which are minor. Other than that you should definitely buy the game it is a must-own for the PS3 owners and the Xbox360 too but I haven't played it on Xbox. My final verdict:

By Cristian Metronic Popa :D

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