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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Game Info:Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to Modern Warfare with the same storyline and therefore the same characters.You get to play different characters and path your way differently during the story  and campaign..the graphics are much better then COD 4 the presentation has some problems in the single players. The game is short and you can beat it in a regular difficulty in 6-7 hours... The franchise is classic and there is a new piece of technology weapons and gadgets..The plot is great and the single player is worth playing... The franchise is the same and.. because well.. it is the same COD you know, the AI is updated, and the special ops are great to play with someone.. One of the greatest thing in COD is the multiplayer.. you get the heartbeat detector and you unlock a lot of new things and it is much more improved then the previous COD's. If you buy this game it is money well-spent, but if you buy it to play the campaign mode it is not worth it, the multiplayer  is incredible and worth playing.. trust me..

Genre:First Person Shooter       

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Infinity Ward

Release Date:
NA November 5, 2009
Nintendo DS
NA November 10, 2009
PAL November 10, 2009
PlayStation 3/Xbox360
NA November 10, 2009
PAL November 10, 2009
Microsoft Windows
NA November 10, 2009
PAL November 10, 2009

PlayStation3,Nintendo DS, Blackberry, Xbox360, Microsoft Windows

Video Walk-through:

By GamerSpawn.. :D

Metronic-Gamers opinion: I think it's a fun game to play it has great graphics, it's a gorgeous game with outstanding gameplay and the multiplayer is much better then the previous one as I said in the info.. anyway i'm not going to re-write the info's. The game is pretty much you fps... xD i guess you don't need me to tell you that.. i dunno the price in other countries but here it's about $50 which is an affordable game.. and it is really cheap for such a great game.... I am going to get for the PS3 for Christmas.. If you don't have it, buy it, if you do then you are a lucky guy and it is a must-have in a gamer's library. Thank You for reading and tune in next week were i'll be reviewing Super Mario Galaxy 2. :D          

                             Review by Cristian Popa                                                         

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