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Game Info:Doom is one of the world's first fps and is a Horror/Sci-Fi based game... the game starts of with a unnamed marine who landed on Mars after assaulting his Command-Officer. As the last man standing on that planet he has to fight demonic creatures and zombies by himself..he has to fight Deios, Zombies and HELL itself...He has to confront 9 different stages each of them ending with a boss, at the last stage is with the marine going to Earth and seeing green grass and hopping bunnies.. but after walking a little bit he sees a bunny head on a spike with a demon next to it.. witch obviously means Earth has been invaded by demons... pathing it's way to Doom 2....

Genre:First Person Shooter

Publisher:iD Software,Midway Games,GT Interactive,Activision,Atari,Sega,Valve Corporations,Williams Entertainment.

Developer: iD Software

Release Date: December 10th 1993

Platform(s): MS-DOS

Metronic-Gamers Opinion: Really, I can't actually give my opinion because it's an old game but still it's a classical game and i think it's a good game.. i think back then it was great and everyone was going crazy about it, now it is still good for hardcore gamers and it shall live on forever.I haven't played....I know....but maybe one day i will play the 3rd one or the 4th one that will come out in 2011... Anyway the game is pretty hard has nice gameplay the plot is kinda captivating and....the franchise is keeping you on your toes just knowing that this game is classic and that you are playing one of the first FPS.. :D the rating is the following...

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