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joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

Battlefield 3

Game Info:
Digital Illusions CE
Electronic Arts
Age Rating:
ESRB: M for Mature
PEGI: 16
Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, iOS
First Person Shooter, Action
System Requirements:
System Requirements here...
The single player campaign is set in the year 2014 in the Iraqi/Iranian border. The campaign is quite linear with a few exciting moments and no actual skill is needed to complete it efficiently. The only ways you can die is if you do not pay attention and some guy pops out the corner and stabs or shoots you in the face. The single player is ok... but just ok, and while the Frostbite 2 engine gives it a gorgeous look it is nothing but a pretty and short addition to the game.It’s not a setback but with the hype that was built up to this game I was expecting something more spectacular.Also the campaign is short and when I say short... I mean ... you can play it in a sitting. Now if you play it on the easier difficulties it can get up to 5-6 hours or so, the higher difficulties on the other hand, might prolong that.
Multiplayer :
Multiplayer is the essential part in Battlefield 3 and is composed of a variety of modes, maps and game types. The maps do not come in great number but their size compensates for it and in a mode such as Conquest one BF3 map is the equivalent to 4-5 maps in any other FPS. The multiplayer mode has many unlockables that include: weapons, specs, gadgets, attachments, vehicle specs etc... The weapons are unlocked by leveling up a kit, such as Assault or Engineer, and one of these kits could take up to 100 hours of gameplay to unlock every single item from it. Each kit consists of a wide range of weapons wich you must level up in order to unlock attachments. Moreover you also have a player rank which you will level up by getting experience points, each of these levels grants new weapons, camos and other unlockables.
Overall the multiplayer experience of Battlefield 3 is great, and you can make it even better by squading up with your buddies online and having a good time capturing bases, shooting enemies and re-creating a stunning online battlefield.

Graphics and Sound:
The graphics are amazing, whether you’re playing on the PS3 or the Xbox 360, graphics are impressive. But to top the Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics you want to play on the PC, the graphics on the PC are amazing and they are a few times better then the ones on console. The Frostbite engine is now better then ever with its 2nd version and it has been very much improved. I mean if you compare it to the franchise’s previous titles the improvements are noticeable. Battlefield has been known over the years to be able to create an amazing atmosphere to the player and Battlefield 3 is no exception. When you play you will hear everything from the player’s footsteps and battle calls to pieces of walls crumbling on the ground and the dust flowing around in heavily deserted maps.
The visual realism of this game is immense and it really does make you feel like in a war zone.
Anyways, the bottom line is that Battlefield is a great game and my personal opinion is that it is the best first person shooter of the year. The multiplayer is brilliant and the Frostbite 2 engine makes your experience so much better. Although the single-player is a poor side of the game it was not catastrophic and the game was just worth my money even if I just payed for the multiplayer.
This title is worth getting and no matter what platform you own,PS3, Xbox360 or PC it is an item that you must have in your game collection.

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