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vineri, 5 august 2011

Red Dead Redemption Review (by Cristian Popa)

Game Info: Red Dead Redemption puts you in the shoes of former outlaw John Marston.
John Marston is looking to set things straight in his name, live a normal life and save his family, he was raised by an outlaw gang created by Dutch van der Linde that killed and stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
Marston's wife and child are kept hostage by the government which forces him to do their dirty work by killing former gang members including Dutch van Der Linde.

In-game you will be able to complete the missions issued by the game but will also be able to do side missions, bounty hunting missions, and normal cowboy activities such as,dueling people the old western style, hunting, riding horses etc...

The game will have you experience a brand-new engine of video-games and you will feel not like a gamer but like a cowboy. During the course of the game you will also get to discover new lands, buy weapons , clothes, horses, and shoot A LOT of people.
I could go on and on about the content in the game but I could miss a lot of things that are just as fantastic as the ones I cited now.
It's an open-world game and anything is possible that is how incredible Red Dead Redemption is.

Red Dead Redemption is a karma game, and what I mean by that is that it lets you choose either you want to be an outlaw or a "good guy", both roads lead to the same ending of the game but if you will choose to be an outlaw there are several consequences, and if you choose to be good you will pay less for items, receive gifts, recognition and fame. Even though both paths lead to fame and fortune I would advise being a "good guy". The gameplay is phenomenal, the action is entertaining, the environment is extraordinary, and the game is just a treat for the eyes.
          Now.. for people that think that it is just GTA in the wild west, they are sadly mistaking, this game is unique in any way, sure it is an open-world sandbox game but the game is not to be compared to GTA or any other Rockstar game.
Another good thing in this game is the outstanding protagonist, Jack Marston, he is a really cool guy with a great personality, he is strong and he does everything possible to reach his goal. Even though he was an outlaw, he is a good guy, period. The Game is said to be the sequel to 2004,Red Dead Revolver but I don't think that game has anything to do with Red Dead Redemption.

The Multiplayer is a standard leveling up process with a maximum of 50 levels, you get to unlock guns, knives, explosives and other items and mounts.
Even when you get bored of the single player which is never-ending, you can get a taste of the multiplayer which plays the same. You still get to explore things you get several types of game types all starting with a showdown and also you get this new concept called free roam. Free Roam is this open-world lobby which you can roam with your buddies, form posses and perform gang hideouts and earn XP.
It is a fun concept that should guarantee you a lot of hours of game time after you finish the campaign.
If you bought this game for the multiplayer,you will not be pleased but if you bought it for the single-player then you will be very happy. The small bugs in this game are the price to pay but they are minor ... it is only a small matter of time that you get used to them.

  • Open-world, sandbox, third-person shooter.

  • Rockstar Games

  • Rockstar San Diego
  • Rockstar North

Release Date:
  • May 18, 2010
  • May 21, 2010

  • M for Mature
  • 18+

Metronic-Gamers Opinion:
   The game is one of my personal favorites and is full of excitement, it keeps you on your toes and is simply beautiful graphic-wise. Red Dead Redemption excels at many thing in the gaming world and industry.
I have never played a game that I got more attached to since my gaming "life" started.
This game is worth getting, just because it is fun. It gets dramatic, passionate, and challenging, I'm sure you won't get bored with it, because of the constant side missions, missions, cowboy activities, mini games and plenty of things that I can't even mention.
Red Dead is just awesome and it is never too late to get.

My score is 10/10 and I think that RDR deserves this.

Thanks for reading my review :) I appreciate it and I put a lot of hard work into writing these :).

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