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miercuri, 15 septembrie 2010

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

God Of War : Ghost Of Sparta  is a 3rd person role-playing game devloped by Sony for the PSP Platform i has great graphics from what i've seen so far.. the bad news for PC users or others.. the game will only be available on PlayStation. It's going to come out in stores on November 2nd. I'm so excited about this game as i've played GoW: Chains Of Olympus and reviewed it so you can go check it out. Otherwise the plot of this game will not be to rescue your little daughter but will be more about Kratos' origins and walking threw the lost city of Atlantis. You will fight new enemies like King Midas.. the one that turns everything into gold when touches it, or the Sea Monster Scylla.

 If you enjoyed this post about upcoming games please stayed tuned up as i'm going to inform you more about them.

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