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duminică, 5 septembrie 2010

Diablo 3

Diablo III is a dark fantasy RPG developed  by Blizzard... the game is still in developement so i can't review it.. otherwise what i have seen so far is impressive. The new classes are outstanding, these classes have already been unvealed by Blizzard, the Barbarian, Witch Doctor,Wizard and the Monk are the 4 classes. I've read different articles about this game and it is pretty amazing so far... If you are a Diablo II fan then i'm sure you will love this one. In this Diablo as in all of them you get the NPC's and artisans making weapons and enhanced equipment for your character.You get brand new skills combat techniques. The game is beeing developed since 2001 so it better be good for Blizzard's hard work. I have high expectations for this game as the predecessor is a great game...

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